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OrionT-UPT-Type I

Tubing string tester
UPT-Type I tubing string tester is used for pressure testing of tubing strings prior to works commencement or packer setting.

Typical sizes:
UPT-Type I tubing string tester is produced for all typical tubing sizes in use.

Tool description
UPT-Type I tubing string tester may be placed in any part of tubing string or technological pipes, and is used as standard clutch or threaded adapter.

Once the tester is on the necessary depth, fluid circulation is created and pressure test ball is launched. When the ball reaches landing seat, the circulation stops and the pressure in tubing is increased to a set point. Upon the test completion the ball is washed out to the surface by backward circulation and operation continues normally.

In case there is a need to create circulation through the tester, a ball of another diameter is served to pipe hanger for opening of circulation windows, while space under the tester is hermetically sealed.
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