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Frac sleeve control tool
IGT-UMKA tool is used for well frac sleeve manipulations (opening and closing).

Design and principle of operation
The tool consists of upper rod with built-on collet support and collet. On top of the rod there is an adapter, which spring-loads the collet. The adapter has internal thread for connection to coil tubing package.

After reaching the operational frac sleeve the tool is activated by fluid flow through the coil tubing. This moves collet upwards, disconnects it from support, tightens and decreases outer diameter (to match tool body diameter size) on tongues. After that tool is inserted into the frac sleeve and fluid circulation is stopped. Under spring pressure the collet returns into initial position catching the damper of the frac sleeve. Then the frac sleeve opens and closes by coil tubing manipulation (upward-downward).

To remove tool from the frac sleeve, the circulation through coil tubing is resumed and the tool can be released.
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