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Turning tool
OrionT-ST turning tool is installed in the working coil tubing assembly and is intended to generate controlled assembly rotation below the tool.

The typical application is the rotation of washing tools during production string cleanout.

Principle of operation:
The tool is put in working position by means of fluid injected inside the tool through coil tubing. This leads to 90-degree turning of lower part of the tool. The tool turning initiates at circulation pressure above 6 MPa. At the same time the axial travel of the plunger inside the cylinder takes place, that is converted into tool rotary movement by tool's turning section.

The turning section design restricts the turning angle to 90 degrees. When the flow in the tool decreases and the pressure drops the plunger returns back into its initial position. To make another 90-degree turn the flow and pressure need to be increased once again. This process can be repeated as many times as required.
OrionT-ST. Technical Characteristics
OrionT-ST is installed into the coil tubing working assembly.
The unsetting is
by tool tensioning
Operating pressure differential –
up to 100 MPa
(1000 atm)
Temperature of medium – 120 °C (150 °C upon request)
FCC: 1000 m, CE 500 m
Mechanical anchor,
triple sealing
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