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Universal joint
SHLIRS-IGT is a splined «fixed» plug joint, which provides leak-proof connection.

SHLIRS-IGT is a spline of clutch and nipple fixed by flexible shaft preventing uncontrolled disconnection. The components to be connected can either bear the joint elements themselves or be connected via in-between pieces (adapters). The connection is carried out by mating the plug and nipple manually and subsequent locking the joint with special flexible shaft. The sealing cups ensure the leakproofness of the joint.

The coil tubing tools included into this Catalogue can be fitted with SHLIRS-IGT joint.

Characteristics and advantages:
  • Assembly and disassembly of the joint do not require any special tools (mechanical or hydraulic tongs or breakers, jaws).
  • The joint endures high torque (may be used in components for drilling, milling etc).
  • The absence of thread allows usage of tool with left or right rotation without a risk of tool backing.
  • The joint has high vibration resistance. The design excludes uncontrolled disconnection completely.
  • The joint has high resistance to breaking loads.
  • During the assembly the exceeding of maximum permissible joint load is totally excluded (compared to flange or thread joint).
  • The joint has long service life to maintenance and repairs.
  • The joint can sustain pressure fluctuation up to 700 atm.
  • May be used at temperature up to 175°С.
  • The assembly/disassembly time is decreased by 80%.
  • The joint provides 100% leakproofness with no extra efforts.
  • The joint has unlimited applications in any type of assembly.
  • The joint excludes dangerous working practices and increases safety in operation.
  • The safest joint on the market as of today.
  • The joint increases security of wellhead tool retention.
  • The seals have high resistance to aggressive media.
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