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Universal packer
During the exploitation of different types and models of packer equipment there emerged an idea to design a versatile packer which could suit different purposes and be applicable in various working conditions, and which could also be customized depending of intended works and well structure.

The result of R&D project involving design engineers and well workover professionals wasthe creation of OrionT-P10 packer.

Packer OrionT-P10 is designed for such operations as:
  • hydraulic fracturing;
  • acid treatment;
  • plugging;
  • formation testing;
  • casing leakage detection;
  • completion of well with abnormal low pressure;
  • finalizations in injection and oil stocks;
  • other operations, requiring excessive pressure over or under the packer;
  • using two packers with different accessories and type of setting (axial and rotation setting) to utilize it as part of dual-packer assembly;
  • upon its service life expiration the packer may be used as tubing anchor.
The packer design allows the following modifications:

  • no by-pass, no hydraulicanchor, rotation setting;
  • no by-pass, no hydraulicanchor, axial setting;
  • with by-pass, no hydraulicanchor, rotation setting;
  • with by-pass, no hydraulicanchor, axial setting;
  • no by-pass, with hydraulicanchor, rotation setting ;
  • no by-pass, with hydraulicanchor, axial setting;
  • with by-pass, with hydraulicanchor, rotation setting;
  • with by-pass, with hydraulicanchor, axial setting

The OrionT-P10 modification and be changed any type by installing the required accessories.
The packer can be modified to be set by either tubing rotation or tubing axial movement. The axial setting make the packer applicable in horizontal wells and well inclined over 50 degrees.

For extra fixation in the well the packer is fitted with hydraulic anchor. The hydraulic anchor fastens the packer in the casing string when pressure in the tubing is available during the works.
OrionT-P10 working pressure fitted with hydraulic anchor is up to 105 MPa.

If there is no need for hydraulic anchor an adapter is installed instead.
OrionT-P10 working pressure without hydraulic anchor is up to 35 MPa.

The packer can be fitted with by-pass valve if a controlled circulation through it is required. The by-pass provides circulation through the packer installed inside the string in case some technological operations are needed.

For example the by-pass is used to inject chemicals into the bed with fluid column displacement without removing the packer from the production string.
The by-pass allows the relief of excessive pressure from below-packer zone into the annular spacereducing the hazards during the retrieval.
If the by-pass valve is not needed, a plug is installed instead.

  • Packer modification, even when the packer is already on the wellhead, in order to obtain various operational characteristics to comply with well structure and type of works.
  • The sealing assembly consists of three gaskets: two hard protection gaskets and one soft gasket.
  • The sealing design allows the complete off-loading of the tubing string without damaging the gaskets.
Solid, full drift mandrel.

The thread connection between the top sub and packer mandrel excludes any gap on the inner diameter preventing washing-outs.

The packer parts are made of alloy steel with compulsory heat treatment that ensure high wear-resistance of the packer.
The packer is designed for continuous in-well operation.
OrionT-P10 packer can be used as part of dual-packer assembly.
There is always an option to modify OrionT-P10 packer by adding required accessories with no extra costs.
OrionT-P10. Technical Characteristics
OrionT-P10 packer is set into the production string as follows: string goes up, 1/3-turn right, string goes down.
The packer unsetting is performed by tool tensioning
Operating pressure differential – up to 100 MPa (1000 atm)
Temperature of medium – 120 °C (150 °C upon request)
FCC: 1000 m, CE 500 m
Mechanical anchor, sealing pack, hydraulic anchor
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