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ORION Technologies DPA LLC

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Explore full range of services during construction, development, workover and other well operations.
ORION Technologies DPA LLC is Russian provider of products and services to the energy industry. Main activities are development, design, manufacture and supply of equipment for oil and gas companies.

The infrastructure, equipment and staffing of our company allows us to design and produce products according to specific applications and client requirements.
Flexibility in the field is critical. We use own STREICHER SVR 150 mobile Drilling Rig which combines reliability and well-proven modern technologies. SVR 150 complies with European legislation (CE, ATEX) and API standards. We also involve our partners rigs for drilling and IPM projects.
ORION Technologies deliver a comprehensive set of services, technologies, and tools to help you realize the most yield while extending the production life of the wells tapping your reservoirs. Whether you're working onshore or offshore, our role is to closely collaborate with you on developing the best ways of getting the most from your field. And we use real-time or periodic evaluation, prevention, and management services—all incorporating a matrix of capabilities and systems to overcome challenges in fulfillment of your production goals.
Workover is the process of performing major maintenance or remedial treatments on an oil or gas well. In many cases, workover implies the removal and replacement of the production tubing string after the well has been killed and a workover rig has been placed on location. Through-tubing workover operations, using coiled tubing, snubbing or slickline equipment, are routinely conducted to complete treatments or well service activities that avoid a full workover where the tubing is removed. This operation saves considerable time and expense.
Workover Tools
ORION Technologies offer a wide range of workover and fishing tools: overshots, jars, junk baskets, cutters, scrapers, milling tools, spears, washing tools etc.
Downhole equipment
ORION Technologies develop, design, manufacture and supply cemented and non-cemented liner hanger systems, ESP completion equipment, packers, as well as packers for oil extraction from below the casing leakage zone and other completion downhole equipment.
Well control equipment
ORION Technologies provide wide range of well control equipment and additional equipment: blowout preventers, manifolds, gate valves, separators, drill spools, flanges, chockes etc.

Together with our partners we can also provide OEM recertification on BOPs of world leaders in well control equipment manufacturing.

High Quality
We are one of the fastest growing companies in Russia, providing high quality of service.
Our technical experts are always ready to answer your questions. Please don't hesitate to contact us or you can also visit our office for a personal consultation.
Individual approach
Our company works on the basis of an individual approach to each client. This method allows us to successfully complete tasks of any complexity.
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